Chronicles of a volunteer in Burlington

Outlandish Josh is in Burlington, and writing about his experiences.

And David Weinberger just showed up, where Josh gave him a walk-through of DeanSpace, the latest collaborative effort designed to make the grassroots communities self-organizing.

Burlington is the place to be these days, isn’t it?

3 responses to “Chronicles of a volunteer in Burlington”

  1. Rick,You're correct about both Burlington and the getting-old-all-too-quickly comparison of Governor Dean to McGovern.But Rick, you neglected to mention Jean Monnet today.You're Big Time now. Don't forget your core constituents. We're watching closely.BK

  2. I'm not a core constituent but I think people have or will find that out. But hey? Any voter that doesn't at least stay informed on the opposing view points is an unintelligent voter. And this Web Blog is so far worthy to stay on my list of blogs to view.P.S. Keep up the good work

  3. “Monnet, Monnet, Monnet…”This race is about so much more than just one man, Ben.And Jeff – thanks for the kind words. We're going to disagree on just about everything, by the looks of it – but you're more than welcome here. Hell – some of my very best friends are Republicans.Who knew?!–Rick

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