100,000th comment on Dean Campaign Blog

Anyone interested in milestones — the 100,000th comment was left on the campaign weblog yesterday. That means that 100,000 individual comments from supporters all over the world in just over 3 months.


Update: Thanks to Mathew for the link from the campaign blog. Question to those of you coming from the official blog: when do you think we hit 200,000 comments? 500,000? 1,000,000? Log your vote here. We’ll revisit periodically. Fame and fortune — well, fame anyway — will result for those who guess correctly.

4 responses to “100,000th comment on Dean Campaign Blog”

  1. 100,000 Voices!As Rick Klau points out, yesterday we passed 100,000 comments on the blog since June 10th. The Great American Conversation is happening right here…. Keep talking. Keep spreading the word. And keep the amazing momentum on the bat going forward…….

  2. I'm stretching to make another $50 contribution because I want to go on record that Howard Dean is my candidate, even moreso following Mark Clark's announcement.Bush and the neocons are out to destroy the UN, despoil the environment, enrich their fatcat supporters, and starve out all of the progressive programs of the last 50 years by bankrupting the Treasury, meanwhile taking steps to limit debate by labeling the opposition as “unpatriotic”.We simply can't let this administration have another term!

  3. I'm extremely glad to see the user-response on all the blogs, but especially blogforamerica. The only problem is…the comments are too hard to follow! Its getting to the point were we have to start threading the comments, and maybe even allow moderation. What's the holdup on the threads, at least?

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