We are everywhere…

I’m staying at my parents house tonight before a day’s worth of meetings in Philadelphia tomorrow. And since my wife and kids were on the east coast on vacation, it was a nice chance to meet up and spend a day together.

My wife headed into town to pick up some food tonight. As she came out of the grocery store, she found a note tucked under the windshield wiper. Certain she’d been hit and this was an insurance note, she actually circled the car before picking it up.

Turns out it was a fellow Dean supporter, saying hi. (We have a Dean 2004 bumper sticker on the minivan.) I share their thoughts with you:


Try these sites:

DeanforAmerica.comWorking for ChangeThis Modern World (Lots of good links here.)

Give ‘em hell Howard!

Beat the unelected fraud in 2004!

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  1. Rick: As long as you are passing through entirely too many airports, pick up a copy of the September Vanity Fair. There, in the letters section, an unbelievable Richard Perle/Joseph Goebbels “separated at birth.” The same claws on the armrests; the same malevolent lizard's stare.N.B. Not all of the great stuff is on the web!N.B.B. I've finally started getting waves, smiles and honks on my bumper sticker, as well.

  2. A Memphis woman has come up with a killer idea- Putting stuff on Ebay and giving the profits to the Dean campaign. I think this has real potential- I'm involved with a local citizen's group fighting an environmental battle, and we raised $5000 last weekend in a 7-family garage sale, offering mostly junk that people were glad to get rid of. The Ebay site could raise a lot of money for Dean, plus perhaps expand the message to a broader (and computer-savvy) audience. Links enclosed- pjhttp://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3342708155&ssPageName=ADME:B:LC:US:1http://groups.yahoo.com/group/EBay4HowardDean4Prez/?yguid=85162641

  3. Grocery stores seem to be a good place to meet Dean supporters. I took my mother to the grocery store yesterday and we had a similar encounter. My car has 2 Dean bumper stickers in the windows and I was wearing my “The Doctor is In” button, when this elderly man with veteran's license plates looked at me and said – “Hey, that's my boy!” (He looked to be of an age to be either a WWII or Korean War vet). I offered him my button and he was very pleased and said that he wanted do everything possible to get “the current occupant out of the white house.” Veteran's ROCK!

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