WaPo: Dean Shifts Gears

From Saturday’s Washington Post, a very thorough review of Dean’s emerging front-runner status. Some key bullets:

  • Joe Trippi declares (for the first time, I believe) a fundraising goal for Q3: “at least $7.6m, and perhaps much more.”
  • Dean is leading in NH and Iowa.
  • Dean’s growing operations in key swing states.
  • A first-time acknowledgement of “several private conversations” with Wesley Clark on foreign policy. (Here’s an out-of-left-field thought: what if Clark choses not to run and instead throws his weight behind Dean? Doubtful, but fun to think about…)

  • A recognition that the next phase of the campaign will have others gunning for Dean, as several campaigns “privately acknowledge” Dean as the man to beat.

One response to “WaPo: Dean Shifts Gears”

  1. Clark is _so_ lining up to be Dean VP. Maybe he'll even campaign for a couple months to play it legit. Then if Clark sinks Dean can still bail and choose Richardson or some shit. But if Clark proves his mettle as a campaigner, then it is really in both their interests to strike an alliance. Their two internet based campaigns join forces against Bush instead of tripping over each other in the blogosphere. Dean tells Clark he'll give him free reign and let him be a strong Vice President or co-President sort of deal. Why not? They agree on everything already. If they do this plan they can announce their partnership early on and trump everybody else. Momentum continues into White House as independent swing voters, already starting to lean Dean/Clark, totally abandon Bush. Moderate Republicans defect. Dean/Clark maintain support of left-wing base and the Anybody But Bush crowd which includes about half the Greens this time. Bush is McGoverned in 2004 and Dean/Clark is the new Reagan/Bush. God Bless America!Then they internationalize Iraq which saves a billion dollars a week. International stability is restored and markets soar. Meanwhile Arnold is the worst Governor California ever had. The GOP had solidified behind Arnold figuring that he was better than Bustamente. Arnold quickly becomes a liability however, embroiled in multiple sex scandals. They defend his right to privacy saying censure and move on. Meanwhile the Dems initiate recall proceedings and run Martin Sheen.

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