Radio silence

You know you’re slacking when your Dad gives you shit about not posting to your blog in a week.

(And he wasn’t the only one. I got an e-mail from a close friend asking me what major life-changing event was going on — surely something was up since I hadn’t posted to my blog?!)

Hard as this may be for those that know me well to believe, I just didn’t have much to say concerning law, technology or marketing this week. (Now that’s newsworthy.) I have been updating my Dean blog though if you want to know what I’ve been up to the past week or so. (Tonight’s entry is particularly cool, by the way. A real thrill for a political junkie.)

I’ll try to resume my regular posting so that nobody thinks I’ve kicked the bucket. I should have plenty of fodder, too — I meet with a couple VCs (as prospects, not as a prospect myself) later in the week, and I’m speaking at the ABA Annual Conference on Friday afternoon. I’ll be talking about weblogs (among other topics), by the way.

And week after next I’m at LawNet — so there should be plenty of law & tech stuff to talk about.

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