Press at the Sleepless Summer Rally

A sampling of the publications covering the Sleepless Summer rally today in Chicago:

  • Orlando Sentinel
  • Rolling Stone
  • Time
  • Newsweek
  • GQ
  • Modern Physician
  • WLS Channel 7
  • WGN
  • AP
  • Reuters

  • Chicago Tribune

Interesting, no?

2 responses to “Press at the Sleepless Summer Rally”

  1. Hi Rick,Thanks for the 'inside' look on Deans campaign. It's great to see you and David Weinberger, as well as the official blog at work. This gives me as an outsider a great view of what's happening. It also reassures me that there are a lot of Americans out there that want to make a stand against the Bush administration, based on real beliefs, and real values. I knew that on an individual basis, but am pleased to notice that all those individuals together form a movement that might actually pull it of. The last thing the world needs is another term for the Bush administration. Dean sounds like a promising alternative. Let's hope he gets the Democratic nomination. And then on to the White House. And then? That would be something to look forward to.Best regards,Ton

  2. It was a great event, in spite of the gawd awful heat! I saw several people carrying the flyers that we gave out at the train stations, so there were some new people there. I was helping organizing the banners and handing out signs (a “hot” item). I even got the shake the Gov's hand as he was leaving. That was really a thrill for me!

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