Online Journalism Review – Mark Glaser looks at the campaign blog

Mark Glaser took a critical look at the campaign weblog and comes away vaguely disappointed. He’s impressed at the community that has built up around the campaign blog, but is disappointed that Governor Dean isn’t taking advantage of the opportunity to post more often to his blog.

Mark interviewed me on this subject, and includes this quote from me:

Blogger Rick Klau shrugs off the lack of posts from Dean himself. “I think the way the campaign has used the blog has accomplished something equally effective: pulling his many supporters into the campaign, making them feel a part of the process,” he said via e-mail. “I look at it in much the same way I look at a company; I don’t particularly care about whether the CEO has a blog. The CEO typically has plenty of avenues to have a voice; it’s the people who are doing the work underneath the CEO whose voices I want to hear.”

3 responses to “Online Journalism Review – Mark Glaser looks at the campaign blog”

  1. I have been in a few campaigns and I have been a musician on the road…I think most people don't realize how time consuming (and exhausting) all the travel, prep, study, meetings etc can be… I'm just amazed at how much energy this candidate has, I've never seen his equal. It wouldn't surprise me if he simply doesn't have enough minutes in his day to blog.Keep up the great support, everyone!

  2. I think you're absolutely right Rick… if Gov. Dean were posting to the Internet everyday it might be more plausible to argue that he is just an “Internet phenomenon”; questions like Glaser's don't seem to appreciate that what the campaign workers are doing on the Internet is a complement to the shoe-leather campaign. I don't particularly want to “develop a relationship” or get to know Howard Dean as a writer; I want him to be president, not a guest for dinner (though that would be pretty fun).

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