Larry King: “Will you run to the center as the election gets closer?”

Howard Dean: “Larry, I am in the center.”

Dean is being interviewed by Larry King right now. Aaron Brown’s Newsnight at 10pm covers the “Dean Machine”. Do weeks start any better than this?!

2 responses to “I AM IN THE CENTER”

  1. Yes, Dean being a more forceful campaigner could make a big difference as opposed to Gore's run. On the one hand, it is a lot tougher this time–going against an incumbant, especially considering the post 911 mood. On the other hand, if Dean could take the Gore states (even without Florida), but add nearby New Hampshire, he wins. I also think he'd do a better job than Gore in keeping the left from deserting him for the Green Party, as well as pulling in more independents, which may allow him to take some states Gore narrowly lost.

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