California Impact on Dean?

Couple of commentators just made an observation that I’ve been thinking about for a couple days now: that the inevitable shift in political coverage to California will almost certainly give the presidential race a breather.

But what effect will it have on the race itself? In many ways, this breather will give each candidate a chance to address their perceived weakness:

  • Kerry will work on appearing too aloof.
  • Lieberman will work on appearing too conservative.
  • Graham will work on appearing too shrill.
  • Gephardt will work on appearing too bland.

  • Edwards will work on appearing too pretty.

And Dean, of course, will work on appearing unelectable.

But I think there’s a more important advantage: whatever strategy shifts Trippi engineers in Burlington, it’s safe to assume that there won’t be any major swings from any candidates while the press focuses on California. Which means that Dean enjoys frontrunner status for at least a couple of months — without the other candidates getting a real chance to knock him off that perch.

The longer he stays on that perch, the more it appears that he belongs there. And that should help address the electability issue, no?

What do you think? How does California affect the presidential race?

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  1. I agree absolutely – was thinking the same this morning. Also gives Dean a chance to catch up on staffing which he will need and hopefully can now afford. How did he plan it to get the mag covers right before the recall?

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