Fundraising success

The Dean vs. Bush fundraising challenge is over – and the campaign reports that over $500,000 was raised since Friday afternoon. NPR covered the effort today on All Things Considered, and gives nice airtime to Nicco, Zephyr and Mathew.

Great job, everyone. And thanks to the many readers of this blog who commented, shared the news, and contributed.

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  1. Greetings, fellow Dean supporters! We have really enjoyed watching the numbers on “the bat” at go up—showing that a grassroots “people-powered” movement really can win against the Bush-Cheney special interests support. We really *do* have the power to take our country back!The next National Dean Meetup Day is Wednesday, August 6 at 7 pm. With the momentum of the past couple days of fundraising, this seems like a great time to focus on spreading the word about Dean to people who are not part of the internet community. To help with that mission, we created some Meetup posters and have made them available on our People Powered Graphics site at You can print either a color version or a black and white version, and there is a space where you can write in the location and any contact details for your local Meetup.

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