Dean gets help from DC Insiders — Dean gets help from D.C. insiders

But as improbable as it would have seemed three months ago, some Capitol Hill political realists have now accepted — even embraced — the notion that Dean will end up as the Democratic nominee.

“I want to beat Bush and I think Dean is the best guy to do that,” said a senior Senate Democratic staffer, who spoke to on condition that he not be named. “I’m convinced he’s going to win the nomination. He has won ‘the inspiration primary’ and he won the fund-raising primary,” leading all Democratic contenders with $7.5 million raised in the second quarter.

The article mentions that Dean is meeting with the “Blue Dogs”, a group of 36 conservative House Democrats.

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  1. my sister works at NBC and she says the same thing. Most of the NBC pundits think Dean is a foregone conclusion already! works for me!DC Lisa

  2. I am a therapist with 20 years of dealing with psychiatric illness and substance abuse. I am not convinced that Bush is off cocaine. What I propose is for someone to get the word to Howard Dean that there may be an interesting strategy to help our cause. He should come out now for random drug testing for the Congress and the President. The President is the commander and chief of the military. All military troops are drug tested now with no warning. He should have to submit to the same standards. Transportation workers are tested because they pose a risk to the public. The President can start World War Three. I do not know how to reach Howard Dean directly yet but in case I can't figure it out will somebody please pass this idea on. I want to see Bush say he is against it.Joe Phillips LCSWBelleville

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