Brobeck – the firm that keeps on giving

This has the potential to be a huge problem with wide-ranging ramifications for the ongoing troubles faced by several law firms. A former IT employee at Brobeck is claiming that confidential client files were potentially mishandled in the wake of Brobeck’s dissolution.

In a declaration, Homiyar Watchha, Brobeck’s former head of Enterprise Application Services, complained about the way client files were handled in the wake of Brobeck’s announcement in January to dissolve.

Watchha said the processes he created to protect client information were disregarded as the firm fell apart and after Morgan, Lewis & Bockius took over Brobeck’s client materials. He alleges he was fired when he voiced his reservations.

“My concerns were as follows, the risk of confidential client data being shared by multiple legal entities (law firms) was certainly high,” Watchha said. “The fact that now there are Morgan Lewis staff working on Brobeck systems posed further risk to client confidentiality and conflicts of interest.”

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