Top 10 Signs You’re in Love with Howard Dean

This is pretty damn funny. Dave Letterman takes aim at our candidate in last night’s Top 10 — I think it’s a fair bet there’s a few Dean supporters on the Late Show staff, wouldn’t you say?

10. You’ve actually heard of him
9. Whenever he discusses plans to revitalize economy, you get goosebumps
8. Named your cats “Howard,” “Dean” and “Six-Term Governor Howard Dean”
7. You’ll only watch movies featuring Ron Howard or Harry Dean Stanton
6. When you hear a report on the radio about a highway accident, you murmur, “Please, god, don’t let Howard Dean be involved”
5. Constantly complain rival candidate Dennis Kucinich isn’t “Howardly” enough
4. Changed outfit four times before watching appearance on “Meet the Press”
3. You stand by him despite the fact his infidelities embarrassed you in front of the entire…oh wait, wrong Democrat
2. When he announced his candidacy, you didn’t laugh your ass off
1. You’re actually considering wasting a vote on him

Now if only they were in booking…

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