TiVo Sells Ad Skipping Data To Marketers

TiVo Sells Ad Skipping Data To Marketers

LA Times: Tivo to Sell Data on Ad Skipping to Marketers

TiVo has a wealth of information culled from its users detailing their ad skipping behavior. Today, TiVo will begin selling that information gleaned from its 700,000 users to help advertisers understand what gets skipped and why. Knowing this information will, in theory, help marketers create more compelling creative and might move marketers more quickly into the area of TiVo-specific advertainment.

By providing this data, TiVo will make it easier for marketers to opitimize creative the way it is done online. Granted, a :30 spot is far more expensive to produce and much less likely to be tossed out of rotation just because it was skipped. However, over time, some patterns and trends will emerge that ideally will lead to more effective creative.

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