The most cogent observation from ClickZ…

…comes from Rick Bruner, writing at MarketingFix :

Denise Howell is totally hot.

No sense denying it. I had dinner with her earlier this year and can confirm that Denise is, in fact, a babe. Several co-workers saw me leave my hotel with Denise, prompting this conversation after I returned:

Co-worker: “Let me get this straight. You met this woman on the Internet.”
Me: “Yes.”
Co-worker: “And you went to dinner with her.”
Me: “Yes.”
Co-worker: “And your wife knows about this?”
Me: “Yes.”
Co-worker: “Wow.”

In addition, at least one co-worker was suddenly much more interested in blogging…

Denise: bookmark these posts. Return in six months — you can thank me later. 🙂

2 responses to “The most cogent observation from ClickZ…”

  1. You are a SAINT. And in six months you can bet the link will be emailed to my husband as a dim reminder of bellies past (and hopefully to come).

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