New video at CNN report on Meetup

The latest video at is this week’s CNN report about the Meetup pheonomenon for Governor Dean’s campaign. While the report notes that political analysts aren’t placing much faith in the Meetup numbers, it’s a good snapshot of a number of supporters, why they’re there, and how Meetup is inspiring new groups of people to get involved.

Reminder: if you have IE on your computer, you can install the applet for that will automatically download high quality videos in the background; if you don’t, you can still choose to download the videos you want to see.

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  1. Gang,I've sent off a sharp letter to the editors of the Washington Post this morning about their Senator Edwards front page slide show. I've stressed integrity and fair play in their coverage of Dean, of course, and I would like to rally the troops to send letters to the Post to get equal time. Check out the Post this morning and please follow through with a letter to:webnews@washingtonpost.comI haven't seen the print edition so this is online only as far as I know. It is way over the top of journalism. They display full color, baby-kissing photo-op clips that look very much like they came from the Edwards campaign files.Richi ” I-cover-the-waterfront” Ray Harris

  2. I was upset by the byline that they ran as they reported about Howard Deans' support through meet-up, which said that most political analysts feel the impact of meet-up will have no impact on the race. Why would they even do the article if that is their opinion? I think that Dean's rise in the polls should make them think again!

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