Dean campaign surpasses $6m for Q2

UNREAL. That’s the only word that can describe the transition from underdog to frontrunner. In Q1, the Dean campaign raised $2.6m – a good amount but far from the impressive numbers raised by the Kerry and Edwards campaigns. Earlier this week, the AP reported that the Dean campaign was expecting contributions in the $4.5m range.

While the tradition is for candidates to wait until a few days after the end of the quarter to report — after all, you don’t want anyone to know if you’re doing poorly, and if you’re doing well you usually want to surprise people — the Dean campaign has again flaunted tradition and shouted their phenomenal success.

How well are they doing? Over $2m raised online in 8 days. EIGHT DAYS. $500,000 in just one day. More is coming in – and we still have today and tomorrow before the fundraising is done.

Congratulations — this is truly an historic time in presidential politics. We are taking back our party and our country — keep up the great work!

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