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Paging Dr. Dean - Chicago
photo by Joe DeCock

As many know, Governor Dean was in Chicago on Sunday. Following his Meet the Press appearance, he flew to Chicago to participate in the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition candidate forum, then attended two fundraisers in Chicago: a small-dollar event at O’Brien’s Restaurant and a large-dollar event at Landmark Arts Gallery on Randolph.

Kudos go to Joe for organizing the rally outside the Sheraton; not only did this give Governor Dean a terrific boost heading into the forum, it reinforced his widespread support for all of the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition members heading into the forum. For the nay-sayers who belittle the impact this kind of grassroots effort is having on the campaign, be sure to watch ABC7’s coverage of the rally. “The only campaign to have a rally,” noted reporter Andy Shaw, “was Governor Dean’s.”

This is exactly why grassroots organizing matters. When your candidate isn’t leading in the money primary, free press is worth its weight in gold. Notice that in ABC7’s coverage, each candidate got a soundbite in. But thanks to the rally outside, Governor Dean got a separate interview, more facetime and positive mentions by the reporter about the impact of the rally. Outstanding work all around.

I was at the Landmark fundraiser Sunday night; I’ll post a few pictures later on (sadly, my digital camera must be a “conservative” camera as few shots came out!). It was exciting to mingle with fellow supporters and to meet Governor Dean. He’s even more engaging and energetic in person; with his schedule, I have no idea how he does it!

Read the full entry for more photos by Joe of Sunday’s rally.

The crowd outside the hotel

Second shot of the rally around Governor Dean

Paging Dr. Dean!
All photos by Joe DeCock

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