WSJ Op-Ed: Peter Beinart of The New Republic says Lieberman has a shot

Run, Joe, Run

In this article, Beinart refers to Dean as the “candidate of Democratic fantasy” and Lieberman as “the candidate of Democratic desperation”.

Of most interest (to me, anyway), is the deconstruction of Lieberman’s strategy: focusing on blacks and moderate whites. Beinart points out that in past primary elections, those groups tended to solidify behind Mondale, Clinton and Gore (and not Hart, Tsongas and Bradley – each of whom “captured the hearts of upper-income white liberals”).

This is an intriguing observation, which either looks bad for Governor Dean (since he’s inherited much of the Bill Bradley campaign staff) or good (since campaign manager Joe Trippi ran Walter Mondale’s campaign).

But it does make you wonder if there aren’t some legs to this observation of Lieberman’s strategy. Wonder whether they suggested the spin to the Post’s observations that Governor Dean is leading among “the elites” in fundraising?

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