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Finally got around to updating the blogroll on the site. Couple new additions – Left Leaner, One Father for Dean, Shiny Glass Beads. Also added back the webring. So if you’re looking for other good sites focused on Howard Dean, you’ve got several places to go.

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  1. Please note that I changed “Shiny Glass Beads” to “My Country is of We”. Too many Google “Bead” hits, and I wanted a more political theme. Though I will certainly continue to support Howard Dean, his principles, and his candidacy, my first choice for the Democratic nomination has become, and will remain with, Dennis Kucinich.Faith in the process,Critt

  2. I've just kicked off a new blog that, for a while at least, is mostly Dean. I will be integrating the rest of my life into it eventually.But I was tired of just posting over at DKos . . .Today I kicked off the 4-part “Why I support Howard Dean” series. We all have to do one, right? Didn't I see that in the manual?So, next time you get to the blogroll update . . .

  3. Not that you're necessarily looking for more to add, but I've been having fun popping around to the various Dean blogs, and I've got one of my own that I humbly submit for your perusal.Now, it's not a true “Dean blog” per se, but a personal blog from a Dean supporter. As such, the content is fairly random, but at least somewhat Dean-centric.It's called Prometheus Unleashed, and it's at http://magus23.blogspot.com.

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