Salon review of Matrix: Reloaded Arts & Entertainment | A future worth fighting for

Finally I understand that the Matrix movies are striving for a massively contradictory epic about love and hope, a grand and maybe impossible vision of living in a world of technology and escaping it at the same time, of being truly alive in a dead or dying society. They kick major ass, and they show us a future worth fighting for.

Andrew O’Hehir’s review concludes with the paragraph above, and I found myself in a similar spot. I was so captured by the first film, so engrossed in the nuances, that I wanted to see where the Wachowski brothers would take me. In this second film, it’s clear that they’re aiming for some universal themes – love, hope, purpose, fate, choice, destiny, worship – and incorporating them into a story and a story-telling that is not the least bit conventional.

I walked out last night wondering about the many questions that didn’t appear to have answers, the possible connections between apparently unrelated plot threads, and I liked now knowing the answers. I liked the uncertainty of where this would end.

If the matrix (little ‘m’) is a system that has rules, The Matrix (big ‘m’) trilogy will prove to be a movie that follows few (if any) of the rules we’re used to. And that, ultimately, is what makes the films a wonder.

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