RSS Feeds For Summaries of Recent Supreme Court Decisions

RSS Feeds For Summaries of Recent Supreme Court Decisions

From Thomas R. Bruce, Co-Director, Legal Information Institute, Cornell Law School:

“As part of some extensive (and ongoing) renovation of our Supreme Court collection, we’ve added RSS feeds that offer summaries of recent decisions. There are two:
Actually the less-useful of the two feeds, this one takes in decisions handed down “today” (that is, in the midnight-to-midnight period we’re currently in).

It’s empty much of the time, but is intended as the basis for a notification system –
This offers recent decisions of the Court. “Recent” is defined somewhat differently depending on whether the Court is in session or not; this may sound a little complex, but it amounts to what most people would expect anyway. During the period from July 1 (when the Court goes away for the summer) until the first decision is handed down in the new fall term (after October 1), the feed shows the decisions from the previous June. At all other times — that is, when the Court is sitting — it shows any decisions from the 30 days just past. Given past patterns of behavior by the Court, I am guessing that this may result in a few spots during the late Fall and in early January when the feed is empty, but perhaps not. Both feeds are updated within minutes of decisions being handed down by the Court.”

Cornell has been at the forefront of legal technology for a decade. It’s great to see them jumping on the RSS bandwagon and further validating it in the legal profession. Nice work Tom!

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