Less than flattering commentary re: Gov. Dean

Some not-so-flattering feedback from a left-leaning blogger about last night’s debate:

Quick Thoughts On The Debate

Dean’s unfitness for office is slowly revealing itself over time. Little things, like the bad attitude, the way he comes of sounding like an elementary school child in an “I know you are but what am I” argument, the way he read his entire closing statement off of the paper in front of him, the way he couldn’t look at Bob Graham when he was addressing him, all these little things just keep him from looking presidential. Presumably they’ll keep him from being presidential, too. — Matthew Langer, 06:58 AM

[via Untelevised]

Ouch. At this point, it seems Gov. Dean’s approach – of expressing his frustration with the current administration, lashing out at what he perceives to be waffling statements of his competition – is rubbing some the wrong way.

I said yesterday that I thought this was largely for the benefit of the donors. That he would garner more press coverage by being the squeaky wheel. What do you think?