Hart not running (but would have won, he says)

Boy does this article ring hollow: Gary Hart claims that he would have had the best chance of beating President Bush in 2004, and that the young folk could have raised $20m for him in 8 months. Uhhuh.

DenverPost.com – Politics

In a long, biting survey of his own chances and the nine Democrats currently running, Hart said that young supporters could have raised $20 million for him over the Internet in eight months and that he had the best chance to beat President Bush.

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  1. Another reason I will not explain to you why he says this and honestly why I will never work for Dean. Rick Klau, shove it.

  2. Wow. I should probably reserve sarcasm until that first cup of coffee hits. Kevin (and any other Hart supporters I offended) – my apologies.First off, one comment on a blog shouldn't be the deciding factor in who you support/volunteer for. More importantly, what's needed at this point are people who feel strongly about replacing President Bush – as Sen. Edwards said, anyone on that panel would be a better President than Bush. If Gov. Dean is your guy, great. If not, please consider volunteering for another candidate – and ultimately supporting whoever the Democratic nominee is.I'll write more about this later. My intent wasn't to sling mud at Hart supporters (though it seems pretty clear to me now that's how my comments read). I just hadn't seen evidence of that kind of fundraising support – and further, I don't think that it's the youth in any party who ultimately bring the money in. Energy, passion, volunteer work, sure. But not money.Like I said – more later. I'm going into a meeting now…

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