First-hand report from St. Paul

From Ron Schmidt, a reader of this blog, comes this account of the rally in St. Paul on Sunday (you can read the campaign’s brief assessment here). Ron is a Vietnam vet who grew up in a Teamster family and “doesn’t like what this administration is doing to the country”:

We just got back from the Rally where Dean spoke. The place was packed. (Saw Garrison Keillor there) – wonder if he will write a editorial cause he took a lot of notes.

The Wellstone people were there and Ted Mondale was the head speaker for the local party guys. It seems Ted worked with Howard Dean on some taskforce or other.

There were over 400 there. Lot of young people. Some guys were going around asking where we became intrested in Howard Dean. I told them it was that meeting in Iowa that was on C-Span over a month ago.

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