Drinks with Marc Barrot

In the 18 months that I’ve kept this weblog, I’ve been very fortunate to meet with some people whose contributions to the field I consider to be significant. Tonight is another one of those moments – I had drinks with Marc Barrot, creator of activeRenderer and developer of an as-yet-unannounced new project that will be a huge success. (No, I’m not talking about it.)

I used Marc’s activeRenderer when I was using Radio to maintain my weblog. It was an absolutely perfect extension of Radio – making it a far more functional application. Over drinks tonight, we got to talk about what his plans are, our differing opinions about the viability of weblogging software in the corporate space (I’m a tad more optimistic than he is), and where we see this space heading. Very cool conversation.

Hopefully the next time I’m in town I can take him up on his offer of a good bottle of Burgundy.

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