Clueless commentary from the tech trenches

Speaking about the $1m raised online by the Dean for America campaign, Information Week columnist John Soat says:

John Soat > IT Confidential: Spam Vs. Fund-Raising—A Clear Distinction > May 26, 2003” href=“”>It’s not like that money is going to buy Howard Dean a chance against George Bush. My guess is, the contributors thought they were sending money to the dean of Howard University, which could actually use it. You can always send your contributions, and your industry tips, to or phone 516-562-5326.

His comments were tongue in cheek, but this is exactly the kind of defeatist Bush-will-win-no-matter-what-we-do thinking that needs to be stopped in its tracks. Let John hear from you about why you think that $1m speaks volumes about what we can do next year. Keep it positive. No need to have the follow-up column be about the flame war from Dean’s supporters; it should be about the overwhelming grassroots support the Dean for America campaign enjoys.

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  1. The value of Dean supporters contributing their money and their networking expertise may best be seen in retrospect.If John Soats says, “It's not like that money is going to buy Howard Dean a chance against George Bush.”, then maybe we should look at this thread again in the future. After the Super Tuesdays in 2004, I'd be curious to see what John thinks about Dean's supporter efforts in the Spring of 2003. What do you think?

  2. I think the million dollars that Dean has raised over the internet has certainly contributed to his legitamacy as a candidate and a worthy competitor to the rest of the democratic field. While a million dollars in the grand scheme of things is certainly not much, the fact that people have raised that much over the internet alone (and this early in the campaign) speaks mountains for Dean's effort. What he stands for strikes a chord with the youth, with the liberal, with the green, with the fiscally conservative, with half of america. I am proud to say I stand by a candidate that has achieved so much this early on. From his start as a grassroots long-shot he has already become a top teir candidate, something that is exemplified by the fact that you used him in your own article. Just watch the face of this presidential race in the next 2 months, you will be surprised.

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