72 Hours Left…

I’ve bought my tickets, we have a babysitter lined up (and proving why I love her, my wife – not me – threatened the babysitter with grave, unspecified injuries if she can’t make it), and we’re all set for Thursday’s premiere of Matrix Reloaded. (Of course, I just discovered that they’re actually starting to show the film on Wednesday night. Damn!)

As a friendly reminder to anyone out there who might be a Matrix fan (rumor has it there’s a few of you), buy your tickets now. At the theater near us, three of the eight evening shows are already sold out.

Finally, if you haven’t consumed the nearly infinite bandwidth required to download the four animated shorts at IntotheMatrix.com, then by all means get over there now. I was less excited by the latest installment (The Second Renaissance, Part II), but found the first three to be wonderful.

All four of the free downloads, plus five others (Final Flight of the Osiris, which showed in theaters as a trailer this spring; Beyond; World Record, Play; and Kid’s Story) are available on DVD in June.

Some other Matrix fun to get you in the mood:

  • Cadillac Matrix mini-site. Some good behind the scenes looks at the vehicles used in the two Matrix sequels. I heard that not a single one of the several dozen vehicles donated by Cadillac was in any kind of usable shape after filming.
  • Time Magazine: Unlocking the Matrix. This week’s cover story about the film. Warning: Some spoilers are here. If you want to go in without knowing anything about the plot, come back on Thursday after you’ve seen the film.
  • Countingdown.com: Seven clips in a variety of formats from the film.
  • The Philosophy of the Matrix. A good refresher if you were under the impression that the first film was just a shoot-‘em-up action flick.

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