The Meetup Challenge

Today, Dean Meetup members have raised $112,000 for Howard Dean. With FEC matching funds, that’s nearly a quarter of a million dollars raised through The Meetup Challenge in exactly a month. It’s been an amazing demonstration of Howard Dean’s grassroots support and the power of Internet activism. But the Challenge is not over. Tonight at 7 pm, many of the nearly 12,000 Dean Meetup members will gather in venues across the country to discuss ways to help Howard Dean win the White House. If you’re going, spread the news about the Meetup Challenge’s success so far. Make it a goal tonight to keep the Meetup Challenge going. The million dollar goal was suggested when there were less than 5,000 Dean Meetup members; today, with nearly 12,000 members, the goal is even closer.
– Mathew, 4/2/2003 []

Great news on the power of grass roots, net-based fundraising. Get out to those Meetups tonight!

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