TechShow: Reading Weblogs *Right Now*

E-mail from a fellow audience member during the “blawg” panel at TechShow:

Rick, I’ve been reading your blog for a long time but it’s really neat to be in the same room with you and read it in real time. l guess they really don’t realize that you’re in the audience! Great job on the blog.

And here I was jealous of the guy down the row with the cool Tablet PC. Turns out he was reading this site. Cool.

Had lunch after the panel with fellow blawgers Dennis Kennedy, Tom Mighell, and Sabrina Pacifici. I’d met Sabrina several times before, and have spoken with Dennis in the past. Great to get some time exchanging ideas with them, and it was a pleasure to meet Tom who knows more about weblogging than he lets on.

I’ll be back tomorrow at TechShow, where I’m presenting two sessions: one on emerging technologies (no, I’m not sure what it means yet either) and one on marketing your practice on the Internet (guess I’ll have to read my book!).

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