TechShow: Online Communities

Session: Online Communities – From Bulletin Boards to Blogs
Presenters: Tom Mighell, Sabrina Pacifici
In attendance: 30

Tom started out talking about the history of online communities in the legal profession. (One note, Tom: Google bought DejaNews, not Usenet. Usenet’s the protocol, DejaNews was the commercial enterprise that archived Usenet posts. Google then went out and scoured various collections to complete the Usenet archive into what is now Google Groups.) Some other examples of communities – PrairieLaw (bought by Martindale-Hubbell).

Sabrina then talked about weblogs – show of hands: how many people read weblogs right now? Five people said yes – of course, by “right now” I assumed she meant right now on the ABA WiFi connection. So yes, I’m reading weblogs right now.

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