TechShow: Online communities (take 4)

What app do you use? Tom uses pMachine, Sabrina uses Movable Type. Both Tom and Sabrina are talking about the value of meta-data (i.e., categorization) to posts to add value. One question from the audience – does your weblog app support multiple categories? MT does, Tom isn’t sure if pMachine does. (The pMachine site isn’t clear on this.)

They just showed a screen shot of Ernie’s directory of law blogs.

Business applications of weblogs (Tom):

  • Marketing tool for clients

    • breaking news
    • provide timely items of interest in client’s industry

  • Internal tool for law firms

    • discuss cases, evidentiary issues, a “virtual trial advocacy course”
    • learn what other lawyers in teh firm are doing – encourages/promotes cross-selling (I think Tom’s over-stating this aspect of a blog – but I’ll address that in a later post)

Weblogs – the future (Tom):

  • Audio blogs
  • Video blogs
  • Mobile blogs (moblogging) – “If real journalists aren’t using this, they should be. Moblogs are breaking news ahead of the press.” (Side note: Ernie just posted this morning about how SARS broke, courtesy of Dan Gillmor. Yeah, that sounds about right.)

Weblog applications:

To find out about weblogs in general, Tom suggests going to, MetaFilter, EatonWeb (lists 10,000+ weblogs by category), Daily Whirl& ;(focused on legal news and weblog information). Tom shows NewzCrawler as a good news-reader, and recommends a few others (included in the program materials).

Before you blog:

  • Etiquette

    • Don’t attack
    • Give proper attribution

  • Faithfully cite your sources
  • Avoid defamatory statements (cites a Virginia case handed down in the last week that address journalist’s defamatory statements; Tom suggests that same analysis would apply to blogs)

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