TechShow: Online communities (take 3)

Tom and Sabrina are both wearing t-shirts with “BLAWG” written across their chests. Tom just explained the derivation of “blawg”, and gave credit to Denise Howell at Bag & Baggage for the origin of the term. Nice. (Maybe this means my shares in B&B will go up?!)

Types of blawgs (Sabrina):

  • Academic

  • Practicing Attorneys

  • Knowledge Management

  • Law Students

Sites cited with screen shots:

  • Balkinzation

  • Donna Wentworth’s Copyfight

  • Bag& ;and Baggage& ;(“long list of new blawgs, mixes personal interests with her practice”)

  • Ernie the Attorney& ;(“great list of blawgs, loves techie gadgets”)

  • How Appealing& ;(“one of the best examples of a practicing lawyer’s weblog”, cited his coverage of the Michigan case as a great example of live, first-person coverage of breaking news)

  • SCOTUSblog

  • The Trademark blog

  • tins& ;(Tom doesn’t appear to know I’m in the audience! And he still says nice things about the site.)

  • beSpacific (Sabrina’s blog)

  • inter alia (Tom’s blog; “As a lawyer, I’m interested in helping lawyers learn how to use the Internet to be better at legal research, how to be better computer users, how to protect their computers, etc.”)

Sabrina& ;just mentioned& ;RSS and explained how the syndication of weblog content is a powerful extension of weblogs. Suggests e-mail subscriptions as an alternative to RSS subscriptions. (She provides this service at her site.)

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