TechShow: Online communities (cont’d)

After explaining the basics of weblogs, Tom talked about the advantage of a distributed network of individuals who may represent better expertise than a media organization. One individual in the audience asked “how do you evaluate accuracy” when reading these sites? Sabrina pointed out that the same critical eye when evaluating news sites should be used when reading weblogs.

It’s hard to explain to people who don’t get weblogs yet, but there’s another element here: the vast linked nature of the blogosphere means if you’re full of it, others will point that out quickly. (And loudly.)

Because there’s a live net connection in the room, they’re now pulling up some examples of blogs live. They pulled up and The Agonist& ;as examples of warblogs. The Agonist just posted at 12:24pm EST – in other words, now. People are starting to be curious as to what this means, though they’re still a little fuzzy.

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