Pillsbury settles with Frode Jensen

Well well. Looks like Pillsbury Winthrop has settled with Frode Jensen. Details of the settlement are confidential, but it’s safe to assume money changed hands. Forgotten about this juicy soap opera? I wrote up the salient details back in October. American Lawyer has a copy of Jensen’s complaint here (PDF).

For the record, the full statement by Pillsbury Winthrop (apparently a condition of the settlement, though that’s not made explicit):

Pillsbury Winthrop deeply regrets making its public statements regarding Frode Jensen. Mr. Jensen was a valued and respected member of the firm and was one of the firm’s most productive corporate partners.

Mr. Jensen is an accomplished corporate transactional lawyer, and he made many important contributions during his tenure at the firm. Pillsbury wishes him well in all his future endeavors and employment opportunities.

Anyone care to guess what (if anything) will happen to senior management at Pillsbury Winthrop now?

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