Neoteny invests in Movable Type

Ben and Mena are now family…. Six Apart (Ben and Mena’s company, the creator of Movable Type) just announced their hosted service, TypePad. They also announced that Anil has joined the team. Also somewhere in the announcement is a bit about my company, Neoteny investing in Six Apart. I’m very excited both as a Movable Type user/fan and as an investor. [Joi Ito’s Web]

Sure would like to know how much Neoteny put into Six Apart, but this is great news. It’s significant for a couple reasons:

  • It establishes Six Apart as a viable, independent company with financial resources to scale its product.

  • It further validates the weblog concept as more than the vanity publishing platform (Google’s acquisition of Pyra, of course, was the first such step).

Don’t get me wrong – there are other viable weblog applications out there (this weblog is created and maintained in Radio, for example). But this certainly gives MT a leg up in the future development of weblog apps. I look forward to seeing what they do with the money…

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