Leading Democrats Raise $24m

With the end of Q1 has come a slew of announcements from the major Democratic candidates about their fundraising efforts. Here are the totals:

  • John Edwards: $7.4m
  • John Kerry: $7m
  • Richard Gephardt: $3.6m
  • Joe Lieberman: $3m
  • Howard Dean: $2.6m

Those who read this blog regularly know I’m a partisan of Howard Dean’s, and his total – while low – is actually quite strong considering his complete lack of national name recognition and lack of any national fundraising network at the beginning of the year. He’s got $2m cash on hand, and another $2m+ is coming from the FEC when matching funds hit.

But that’s not the story here. The story is that the Democrats – in a three month period in which we went to war and our President enjoys a 70% approval rating – raised nearly $24m. (Surely the totals when Kucinich, Moseley-Braun and Sharpton announce will top $25m.)

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