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April 22, 2003.
This week, both InformationWeek and Baseline have feature stories about new technology at Delta Air Lines, so it’s a good opportunity to benchmark Baseline, a new IT magazine from Ziff Davis, to its old school press-release republishing counterparts.

The difference: while the InformationWeek article is just a poor rewrite of bland warmed-over press releases and vague generalizations, the Baseline article is detailed, interesting, and specific. For example Baseline noticed that Delta’s new information system crashed for two hours at the worst time possible: when I was in New Orleans trying to reschedule my flight home during last month’s blizzard. InformationWeek didn’t mention the outage. In fact the whole Baseline article looks like it was written by an investigative journalist. It’s about time the industry press got its act together.& ;Go for the& ;free subscription, it’s worth it.
[Joel on Software]

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