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Search Tool Added Through Lilia Efimova …. Search Tool Added
Through Lilia Efimova I found Micah Alpern’s microblogosphere search tool (go see Micah’s weblog).

As a search tool to search my own blog, and the ones I read, was something I already had on my wishlist of improvements for my blog, I’ve imeddiately added it on the left hand side, directly below the blogroll.

Great work Micah! [Ton’s Interdependent thoughts]

Very cool stuff. Check out my home page to see the resulting search box to see it in action.
You can now from one place search Google, my blog (a Google search limited to my site) or a blog search that searches across all sites whose RSS feeds I read. (Note: you’ll need a Google API key to make this work on your own site; visit the Google API site for more info.) This is incredibly valuable – and just one more step down the path to the semantic web.

The end result? You can now run searches that effectively say – “show my everything about topic (X) that my community has said”.


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