Pardon me, but do you have…

… wireless access?

This was the question I asked at three separate Information kiosks here in the Pittsburgh airport. One woman, bless her heart, explained to me that if I had a laptop I could take it to the “phone with the keyboard” and use the Internet access there. I must have looked puzzled, because she went on to explain, “You just plug your computer into that computer.”

So much for wireless.

At the next two kiosks, much of the same. Two of the three recommended I try Staples (yes, this airport has a Staples, a post office, countless mall stores and food courts) – they let you pay $5 for 15 minutes of dial up access. Riiiiiiight.

I had already missed my flight, and was not looking forward to three hours of dial-up connectivity, when I opened my laptop and started fishing through my briefcase for a phone cord. That’s when I got the “t-mobile strength: good” pop-up on my taskbar. Good service – they just need to work on evangelizing their existence to airport employees.

Nevertheless, I’m enjoying my fast connection. (According to, I’m at 1.1 megabits up and down. Sweet.)

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