NY Times on NYC Meetup with Governor Dean

Here’s a great report by Lisa Napoli about the resounding success of the NYC meetup.com rally for Governor Dean last week. Most interesting is the fact that the Dean campaign has partnered with meetup.com – paying the company a fee in exchange for access to the e-mail list of declared Dean supporters. The result? A low-cost grassroots organizational platform – with potentially huge dividends.

The NY Times points out that it is unheard of in political circles for a rally numbering in the hundreds to materialize without any assistance from the campaign. Other candidates are not experiencing the same groundswell (yet) – which bodes well for the Governor’s campaign.

In other news: updated the blogroll to the right, adding myDD, noho-missives and Carl with a K. All three are pro-Dean weblogs with a political bent. Let me know who else is out there!

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