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The Death of Red Herring

Wow.  I’m in shock.  I was a reader back in ’93 long before the dot com era boom and this feels like a part of the industry has just disappeared.  No Red Herring now and Upside passed away some time ago.  Yikes.

Red Herring, the magazine considered a must-read among the technology elite, has closed its doors, the latest victim of tough economic times.

RHC Media Inc. reached the decision after unsuccessfully trying to sell Red Herring, Chris Dobbrow, RHC Media’s chief executive officer, said Friday.

Red Herring’s March issue, delivered to subscribers two weeks ago, turned out to be the magazine’s final issue. It had a circulation of about 275,000. Go

[The FuzzyBlog!]

Given my last post, this shouldn’t be all that surprising to me. All the same, it’s just shocking how different the Valley looks and feels these days.

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