Goal management

Companies are using software to help their employees set and meet individual and business goals
By Mary Hayes

This June, 15,000 employees at Seagate Technology LLC will receive annual performance reviews that for the first time heavily weigh how close each individual comes to achieving his or her professional goals. The disk-drive maker asked its professional workforce to consider CEO Steve Luczo’s top five goals for the company before submitting their own. The resulting personal targets, all 56,000 of them, can be viewed online by any employee in the company… [full article]

An interesting read from this week’s Information Week. At my company, we’re goal-oriented and those goals make up a significant piece of our annual and mid-year reviews. They weigh heavily on our bonus, and I’d say on the whole it goes a long way to establishing a system where everyone feels like they have input to their own objectives.

What we don’t do is publish everyone else’s goals so that they’re reviewable by anyone in the company. I’ll have to look into that.

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