“Get my MoFo lawyer on the phone!”

If you haven’t seen Jay Leno’s video clip from last week where he dissed Morrison & Foerster, it’s pretty funny. For those that don’t know, Morrison & Foerster goes by their nickname, MoFo. (Yes, they know what it means. And they like it.) And Leno, during his “Headlines” bit, made fun of the, uh, disconnect between what most people think of lawyers and lawyers actually admitting it.

As a humorous sidenote, I caught up with Jo, MoFo’s CIO (I promise this isn’t the start of a bad rhyming joke). Turns out that MoFo’s mail server nearly crashed last week because so many friends of the firm were e-mailing the video clip to their friends at MoFo.

I won’t be surprised if MoFo puts the video clip up themselves.

(Talk about great free publicity!)

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