Dan Gillmor on Groove

Guess I’m not the only one speculating about Kapor’s departure from Groove:

Dan Gillmor writes in his column today :

My immediate instinct was to praise Kapor for showing honor and principle. This implicitly suggested a lack of those qualities on the part of Groove’s leaders, and on reflection I concluded I was being too harsh. They aren’t bad people, and toolmakers can’t always pick and choose their customers.
Yet I’m troubled by many things about Groove these days. One is the company’s deepening embrace with major investor Microsoft, which has effectively become an arm of the government with its monopoly software and cozy deals with the Justice Department and other agencies. Groove, too, has seen government as a major client — and there’s no getting around the fact that the company, which makes collaboration software, is acting as a willing accomplice in the formation of the surveillance society we should all fear. [Jeroen Bekkers’ Groove weblog]

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