Two “new” articles about Governor Dean

Just updated the press page, courtesy of “A Dean Supporter” (no name or contact info, unfortunately). Both articles are “old” – one from the May 22, 2002 Christian Science Monitor and one from August 24, 2001 in the Portsmouth Herald.

A few random details that emerge – that he’s an accomplished guitarist, and that he completed a 270 mile hike in the summer of 2001 (see photo at right).

Perhaps most interesting, from the Portsmouth Herald article – the author, Paul Peter Jesep (former publisher of Moderate Republican, now legislative analyst for Senator Susan Collins) praised Dean as “a leader” and says he’s a “maverick with vision.” He concludes by saying, “Democracy would be better served if more intellectually honest individuals like Dean and McCain were challenging the status quo in their respective parties.”

Sen. Collins is one of the “moderate republicans” who is very close to Vermont Senator Jim Jeffords. When the time comes, that could be a nice connection. Seems at least one of her staffers is already on board…

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