The Unlikely Rise of Howard Dean

An absolutely fantastic article in next week’s New York Magazine outlines Dean’s growing appeal as a Democratic candidate. (Thanks to Jason Rothstein for the link.) Perhaps most interesting is the collection of quotes from Democratic establishment types:

  • George Soros (billionaire philanthropist): “Howard Dean impressed me as a serious candidate with a broad vision and a fresh voice.”

  • Terry McAuliffe (chair, Democratic National Committee): “I’m hearing great things. Howard’s got a good message, and people are enthusiastic about him.”

  • Roy Furman (Democratic fundraiser): “Howard has magnetism. [He] will be discovered.”

  • Gordon Fischer (Iowa state Democratic chairman): “Dean has made eighteen trips here and counting. He’s getting good crowds and reactions.”

Rounding out the good information about Dean – that Bulworth is his favorite movie (and apparently does a credible impression of Beatty’s rap), that he seems shockingly unguarded (what politician leaves a journalist in his house unsupervised?!), and that his position as a full-time candidate (as opposed to the Senators) may give him as much as a four month advantage in fund-raising and voter turn-out.

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