Statistically useless survey produces odd results…

Google Finds Brand Power. The search king finished ahead of such names as Coca-Cola and Starbucks for world’s top brand. [The Motley Fool]

In other words, an insiginificant polling sample with an indeterminate number of people from unknown backgrounds voted on a subject. And from this, we get “world’s top brand”? Please.

For a more, uh, legitimate survey, there’s always the Business Week “Global Brands Scorecard” that hits every August. From last year’s survey, the top brands were:

    1. Coke

    2. Microsoft

    3. IBM

    4. GE

    5. Intel

    6. Nokia

    7. Disney

    8. McDonald’s

    9. Marlboro

    10. Mercedes

I’d have expected Motley Fool to be a bit more selective in deciding what to publish.

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