Panic is the new black…

I have no idea what Tom Ridge’s color scheme means, though I thought SNL’s parody – which had the color chart in various shades of white (bone, off-white, cream, etc.) was hysterical.

But this news – that the UK troops are being brought in to guard Heathrow through Saturday – does not make me happy. Did I mention I’m in London, and fly home on Friday? (And my brother’s in Singapore right now, and flies through Heathrow on Saturday?)

Meanwhile, Europe’s going bonkers over France and Germany’s last gasp for relevance by holding Nato over a barrel. Yup, it’s a fun time to be in Europe.

In brighter news, I’m going to see David Gurteen tonight at the London chapter meeting of KMPro. And I’m having drinks with Matt Mower (of liveTopics fame) tomorrow night.

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