Nomination – Dean’s for the asking?

So says Emmett Tyrrell, the founder of The American Spectator. (Yes, that American Spectator.) Turns out that Tyrrell and Dean did a TV show together in Montreal called The Editors while Dean was governor in Vermont. Tyrrell was writing about a perceived gaffe by Kerry – wearing an apparently leather jacket with a fur collar while going to the hospital for surgery – and said that if Kerry screws up again, Dean will be the Democratic nominee.

“I actually know Dean, and political observers who are calling him a fruitcake are underestimating his political savvy.”

Talk about a back-handed compliment. Who exactly is calling him a fruitcake? (Check out the press clippings page – seems like a fair number of people are actually paying attention.) But beyond that, this is an interesting window into Dean’s activities in the 90s. Anyone know where we can get copies of those shows?

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